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Exotic Nutrition

Glider-Cal Calcium Supplement - 3.5 oz

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Exotic Nutrition's Glider-Cal Calcium Supplement is designed specifically for Sugar Gliders of various ages. This ultra-fine calcium powder is the easiest way for daily coating of fruits, vegetables, HPW, or insects. Excellent for sugar gliders that have lower calcium in relation to phosphorus intake. Helps prevent calcium deficiency and hind leg paralysis. Phosphorous-free, veterinarian recommended.

Sugar glider's diet of fruits and vegetables contains inverse amounts of phosphorous to calcium. High phosphorus extracts calcium from their bones, making the bones brittle. Calcium deficiency will make your glider sick, then will cause hind leg paralysis. Hind leg paralysis can be very common in gliders who do not have a calcium supplement like Glider-Cal.

DOSAGE: Mixing Glider-Cal with Glider Booster vitamin supplement will bring optimum results. Mix 1 teaspoon of Glider-Cal with 1 teaspoon of Glider Booster per pound of food.