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Boxiecat Premium Extra Strength Stain & Odor Remover

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Boxiecat Premium Stain and Odor Removers are tireless. They won’t stop working until your stain and odor problem is gone. They are natural, effective, and don’t require scrubbing. Once the solution has cleaned an area, it simply evaporates. Family-safe, they contain no chemicals and won’t leave behind residues.

This extra strength formula provides an extra stain-fighting boost, and is perfect for the toughest stains, multi-pet households and frequent use. This scent-free formula is ideal for those who prefer no fragrance at all.


  • Removes tough pet stains and odors
  • Natural probiotic-powered formula
  • Scrub-free
  • Eliminates urine and ammonia odors
  • Reverses pheromone marking
  • Helps prevent re-soiling
  • For new, old, wet, or dry areas
  • No residues and family safe

A Closer Look:

Boxiecat Premium Stain and Odor Removers are powered by the same good bacteria found in probiotics. An evolution in natural and easy-to-use cleaners, they work on new, old, wet, or dry stains and odors. They work on urine, ammonia, feces, pheromone marks, vomit, and more. They help prevent re-soiling in the same location by eliminating all traces of previous soiling. They can be used on carpet, hard flooring, furniture, mattresses, clothing, carriers, and more. Boxiecat cleaners are made in the U.S.A.