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Jones Natural Chews


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Yessiree Bob! Jones has a Christmas stocking for dogs, the Canine Christmas Crunchers! Can you believe it? First a bucket o’treats for Halloween, and now a stocking o’treats for Christmas! Let’s see what’s in this Christmas stocking.

  • 1 Beef Hoof
  • 1 Pig Ear
  • 1 Beef Knee Cap
  • 1 Beef Center Bone, 4″
  • 1 K9 Pork Roll, 5″


This stocking is perfect for the small to medium sized dog. The Beef Hoof is a long-chewing treat that should last for days and days, as is the Knee Cap, a sturdy bone. The Center Bone can be gnawed on as is, or it can be stuffed and frozen, or just stuffed, with things like pumpkin and yogurt, or canned food. And like we talked about last week, if you give the Pig Ear or K9 Roll to a toy dog, make sure to utilize the five minute rule. Five minutes of chewing, then put the treat away.

I can hear large dog owners and lovers all over the country asking, “But what about big dogs? Doesn’t Jones have a Christmas treat for big dogs?” I’m so glad you asked. The treat for large dogs is AMAZING. Check it out.